• 2022 Q2 HIT Sector Report

    Q2 2022 saw a precipitous drop in Digital Health stock values as well as 66% decline in the number of M&A deals but Private Placement activity held steady at robust levels

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  • 2022 Q1 HIT Sector Report

    Q1 2022 M&A deal count up, Private Placement activity remains robust but stock performances down

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  • 2021 Full Year & Q4 HIT Sector Report

    2021: A banner year for Digital Health M&A and Private Placement activity, but NHA’s publicly traded HIT stock index badly underperformed the S&P Index.

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  • 2021 Q3 HIT Sector Report

    Robust M&A and Private Placement activity in Digital Health, but the HIT stock index underperformed the S&P Index in recent memory.

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  • 2021 Q2 HIT Sector Report

    High valuations for Digital Health companies persist, but a strong bifurcation is emerging in certain subsectors. M&A and PP activity remain at record breaking levels.

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Our primary area of focus is on the Healthcare IT industry sector but we also have experience in the Healthcare DME and Services sectors as well as previous transactional experience in the Aerospace and Industrial Manufacturing areas.

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Novahill Advisors
Novahill is a private investment banking firm which provides senior level, independent, corporate finance advisory services to both public and private companies, as well as private equity clients, for mid-market sized transactions. Novahill provides financial advisory services including merger and acquisition advice for both healthy and underperforming situations. Plus we assist clients in the raising of debt or equity capital from institutional investors. In addition, Novahill provides consulting services on restructuring and corporate strategy projects.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Novahill Advisors has elected to concentrate our investment banking resources on small to medium-sized transactions. Our primary focus is providing comprehensive M&A advisory services for both public and private clients in both healthy and underperforming situations. Novahill has represented clients in numerous ways...


Why Novahill Advisors?

  • Independent Advice
  • Experience
  • Senior Level Attention
  • U.S. and Global Reach
  • Absence of Conflicts
  • Focus on Small to Mid-Sized Transactions


Corporate Divestitures

The process for successfully executing a Corporate Divestiture is different from that of selling a stand-alone entity. At times, we are called in by corporations to assist in the divestiture of non-core or under-performing, mid-sized businesses.