Strategy & Restructuring

Strategy & Restructuring


In addition to providing traditional investment banking services, Novahill Advisors assists in solving long-term strategic issues for our clients. Often we incorporate aspects of strategic consulting into advisory assignments.

Novahill has extensive experience in strategic issues:
• Determining an appropriate capital structure for a client
• Providing insight into the capital market’s perspective on a client’s valuation, as well as what drives value creation and strategic advantages in the client’s business
• Converting that insight into strategies that can be implemented
• Helping assess the impact of various strategic alternatives with regard to shareholder value implications
• Explaining how a privately owned client might be viewed in the financial markets relative to public company peers


Novahill Advisors has experience in underperforming transactions involving a change of control, asset sales, and other M&A activities for middle-market companies. These situations may involve:
• Restructuring debt and equity securities
• Analyzing the impact of reducing overhead and variable costs and redirecting the company’s focus
• Selling a company or its assets quickly, under extremely distressed circumstances
• Finding a joint venture partner to help realign the business

Novahill has successfully advised companies under time pressure and in circumstances where a disposition strategy depends on running a prompt and creative restructuring process.